3 Things your Dental Lab Website is Missing

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And how you’re losing business, because of it.

     Assuming you are reading this due to the fact that your Dental Lab HAS a website, you are one step ahead of about 70% other Dental Laboratories. Kudos to you on that! 

In 2020 – having a website is a no-brainer. Afterall, NO ONE is going around calling names out of the Yellow Pages to see what your business has to offer their Dental Office Patients. 

Is your Website pushing people away? 

Even though you have a website – as the years go on, it is getting harder and harder to capture potential customers’ attention online. The amount of value they get while on your site is vital to ensuring the don’t bounce off your page and onto a competitors website. 

If you have any of these issues, your site might be driving people away: 

  • An outdated design 
  • Content that is hard to read or not enough information
  • No obvious way to contact you or contact form to submit
  • Generic photos 
  • Unresponsive site 

How to bring your Dental Lab Website to life and increase your business potential

  1. Design – Visitors are viewing your site, this means that the way it looks is very important. You want your website to display your logo, brand colors and fonts that match all of your print and digital marketing material. There should not be any confusion as to who you are when they are on your site. Consider the toothpaste Crest – their packaging, marketing and website all are branded well. You can look at the packaging without seeing the name and know that it is Crest. https://crest.com/en-us/products/compare/crest-toothpaste

This is something you want to think of when you are designing your site. 

You will want to give your Website Designer a vector file of your logo, the names of the fonts you use or the font files, and also the color codes of your brand colors. Every month keep your content fresh by adding custom blogs, every year make sure your footer date is changed, and every few years refresh your design. 

  1. Custom Photo & Video – No one wants to look at your website and see a bunch of stock photos and product mockups. This does nothing for your business as it doesn’t show who you are as a brand or what your Dental Lab is actually capable of creating for patients. The best way to avoid coming off as fake & stale, plan to hire a Photography & Videography Team to capture who the essence of your Dental Lab. Start planning out what products and services you want to advertise and decide if you will take individual staff photos or team photos. Your Photography team will be able to give you ideas as to what works best but you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them the direction you had envisioned. 
  1. Call to Action – People want information fast and easy, they would rather find another website than hunt for your contact phone number or email address. Design your site with multiple call-to-actions or ways to click and contact you so there is no guesswork. We love the idea of having either a form that captures information, or a button on each of your pages to easily contact you. 

By addressing these items, you should see major gains in your website performance. But these factors are not the only things that could push people away from your Dental Lab Website. If you need someone to dive deeper and find out what is causing visitors to bounce off of your site before contacting you or making a purchase, fill out our contact form for a Complimentary Website Analysis.

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