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You may be down right overwhelmed with all of the marketing strategies available, so much you just chose to continue doing things in your Dental Lab that you have for the last decade. While you are not taking strides to reach new clients – your competitors are more than likely using the new age growth strategies and showing up everyday in front of new faces. 

Before you go out and waste a ton of money on a new strategy for your Dental Laboratory, we wanted to dive into a few options with Google My Business (GMB) that have been tried and tested on labs like yours. 

Meaning: They work for your industry. 

Here we will lay out key pieces that could potentially help your lab stay current with the new era techniques while increasing your client base. 

Sign up for Google My Business – This is the first step in the process, so if you do not have an account set up, please do not waste another second and go sign up

When someone Googles your business name, or Dental Lab like yours, this is the listing that shows up. 

Your listing shows the following information that helps a prospective client choose to contact your lab or move on to another lab. Here are 5 things that are standard with your Google My Business listing: 

  • Business Name
  • Address (verified by Google)
  • Phone Number
  • Hours of Operation – It is super important to make sure this is correct as it could discourage people from calling you if your hours are not 
  • Category of your Business (dental)

Here are ways to go above and beyond & get your listing even more power: 

Link to your Website 

Your website should be responsive, easy to navigate and have a clear way to contact you without having to go through 3 pages to find. If you do not have a website, fill out our contact form to learn about our low cost solution. 


We live in a world where other people have a way to influence what we buy and who where we go, greater than ever before. The power of good reviews is priceless! Encourage your happy clients to review your business on Google, make it easy for them by sending them a direct link to write the review. 

Photos of your Business 

You have the option to post photos of the exterior of your dental lab, interior, team and work on Google My Business. These photos are shown to the public as posted by the Owner, so they know that they are reputable photos. 


This is the coolest thing Google My Business has to offer your Dental Lab. You have the option to post updates and links to your blogs etc, straight on GMB.

This means that your listing is not just a stagnant listing, you can actively post information that will engage people looking at Dental labs. As often as you post on Social Media you can now post on Google My Business. Stay away from posting any memes or jokes, and stick with things that are informative or highlight your products/services in the best manner.     

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